Transfigure Print Co.
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Welcome To transfigure print co.

a michigan-based lgbtqia+ inclusive print company

trans and queer owned since 2017


our mission

to provide inclusive garments and design services to the individuals shaping the LGBTQ+ community.


one-of-a-kind people

Transfigure Print Co. is surrounded by a unique, nation-wide community of individuals who want to make—and wear—a statement. We’re happy to help, and we’re proud to see our customers standing out in Transfigure apparel.

Though many of our garments are designed in-house, we also want to provide other artists with a platform to showcase their original designs. Get to know them and the fundraisers we’ve supported on the Fundraising page, and learn more about our own designer on the About page.

As for those who can be spotted across the country wearing Transfigure, get to know them through our blog, Tee-Talk.


Quality products

All of our products are screen printed by hand and in-house by Transfigure Owner Bailey Sell. Bailey handles every part of production, from pressing designs on screens, to mixing the inks that create Transfigure’s one-of-a-kind colors and vibrant final designs.Being self taught, Bailey places high value on quality, making sure each piece of clothing meets the expectations that come with buying one-of-a-kind apparel.

Our ability to produce apparel in-house means we take extra time to ensure each piece of clothing is printed and cured correctly, delivering to customers exactly what they pay for. Each design is printed using Union Plastisol Ink and then cured on the fabric. This ensures that each makes a lasting impression.

See for yourself by visiting our shop below. Or, if you have questions or inquiries, send us an email. We love to talk about our screen printing process.