More Than Just Shirts

Creating goods for the greater good.

The Power Of Print

Screen printing is what we do, but to us, it’s a creative catalyst to a better way forward for the LGBTQ+ community. Transfigure Print Co. is where we can create the goods we want to see in the world while employing, championing, and investing back into t he very communities we uplift. It’s a beautiful thing!

A Little History

Like lots of small businesses, Transfigure started in a college apartment. In 2017, Bailey, Founder of TFPC, started honing his screen-printing skills from home, exposing screens in his small bedroom, inking them up in his living room, and then washing them out in the bathtub. This is where Transfigure began.

Since TFPC’s humble beginnings, the business has since grown from a tiny print shop into a five-person crew with two brick-and-mortar locations in Grand Rapids, MI, a huge Instagram following, and offering worldwide shipping. In addition to that, TFPC has had the chance to collaborate with some beloved brands and artists, including Visa, Bombas Socks, Ghirardelli, Boss Dog Art Dept., and many more.

Bailey Sell, a Trans man himself, has used TFPC to spread Trans joy and stand up for LGBTQ rights across the globe, as well as allocating funds via a mutual-aid model to Trans and Queer organizations in need through the Transfigure Trans Fund.

What Is Different About TFPC?

Transfigure is surrounded by a unique, national community of individuals who want to make (and wear) a statement.

In 2019, the Transfigure Trans Fund was created. Any donations that come into TFPC go directly back into our community, helping Trans and Queer folks with gender-affirming care. In addition to the Trans Fund, we also donate 10% of our most popular designs, “Protect Trans Kids” and “Protect Trans Folks”, working to further Trans lives.

So, yeah, we’re more than just a print shop. When you order from us, you are truly making a difference in a Queer person’s life.

The Transfigure Team

Bailey Sell (he/him)


While earning his BFA at Kendall College of Art & Design, Bailey started Transfigure in his tiny apartment, washing out screens in the bathtub and piling up boxes in the foyer. From these humble beginnings, Bailey has grown his business into a national phenomenon with loyal fans, big brand collaborators, celebrity customers, a retail store, and a production facility.

As a Trans man himself, it’s always been Bailey’s dream to “create something that benefits the Trans community and helps further our lives.” This commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed. In addition to raising tens of thousands of dollars for Queer and Trans folks all over the country, Bailey has been awarded for his work as Chosen Family of Michigan’s Outstanding Advocate and nominated for 2022’s Queer of the Year by the Grand Rapids Pride Center.

When he’s not working, you can catch Bailey camping at all of Michigan’s best parks, watching the latest horror film, or trying to score a sweet deal on Facebook Marketplace.

Fave TFPC Product: Protect Trans Kids shirt

On His Printing Playlist: Early 2000s throwbacks24

What He Brings to TFPC: One Stop Coney every time they have a staff lunch

Fun Fact: Can’t refuse a Costco hot dog

Evan Miller (he/him)

Lead Printer + Production Manager

Evan is a graphic designer with a DIY attitude and jack-of-all-trades skillset. At Transfigure, he oversees print production, including burning screens and mixing inks, while doing some of the printing himself. Evan has also created a couple of our top-selling designs, including Thank You for Existing! and Come as You Are.

It's not every day that you find a gig where you can totally be yourself, but Evan feels that Transfigure authentically and compassionately makes a difference in people’s lives. And that includes his own, allowing him to show up every day as his goofy and fun-loving self.

Outside of work, Evan can be found in the mosh pit at a local show or tending to his vegetable garden. What can we say? The guy has range.

Fave TFPC Product: Thank You for Existing! shirt

On His Printing Playlist: Frank Ocean, BROCKHAMPTON, Tyler Childers, Ashnikko, Khruangbin

What He Brings to TFPC: Handyman energy; as in, he can fix anything

Fun Fact: DIY ‘til he dies!

Kae Britton (they/them)

Customer Service + Order Fulfillment

Kae is a multidisciplinary artist who’s a drag clown, costume creator, greeting card designer, fine artist, illustrator, and so much more. But to us at Transfigure, Kae is our go-to for order fulfillment. They pack items that customers order from the shop, as well as wholesale orders through Faire. Kae also handles customer service email correspondence, so, if you’re emailing with someone, go ahead and say, “Hey, Kae!”

In their spare time, they run a little greeting card empire called Queerdo Co. and was recently part of their first international group exhibition featuring five of their self-portraits.

Fave TFPC Product: Make Transphobia Disappear risograph print

On Their Printing Playlist: Chelsea Wolfe

What They Bring to TFPC: New ideas for releases, color combos, and designs

Fun Fact: Both a twin and a triplet. Wild, right?

Ken Kolassa (he/him)

Heat Press Operator + Screen Prep

Ken started out as an intern last summer, but we liked him so much – we just couldn’t cut him loose. Ken’s currently pursuing a degree in Illustration at Kendall College of Art & Design, but he works alongside us between classes operating the heat press and prepping screens. At just 22 years old, Ken loves that he gets to work with the local community and spread a Trans-positive message to customers nationwide.

Ken’s self-proclaimed “desert-dry” sense of humor keeps the team laughing, and his optimism is definitely something that he brings to work with him every day. Outside of artistic pursuits, Ken loves gaming, cooking, drawing, reading, and taking care of his plants.

Fave TFPC Product: Protect Trans Folks shirts

On His Printing Playlist: Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, Aphex Twins, Four Tet

What He Brings to TFPC: “Vertical diversity” and youth – Ken is the youngest member of the team and the only one above 5’7”.

Fun Fact: A mellow voice that’ll lull you to sleep

Sophie Lane (they/them)

Social Media Manager

Located in Chicago, Sophie is the newest member of the Transfigure team. A long-time friend of Bailey’s, he tapped Sophie’s social media experience to help keep the momentum for Transfigure’s Instagram and TikTok channels. As a painter and fine artist trained at the Gwen Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University, Sophie brings a fresh perspective to social media and loves that they are so aligned with the mission of Transfigure.

Outside of work, Sophie is an accomplished artist with work shown in multiple publications and a painting that hangs in the State of Michigan’s House of Representatives. They love to travel, thrift, and take care of their plants when they’re not working on art.

Fave TFPC Product: Redefining Family sailor’s cap beanies

On Their Printing Playlist: “Some throwback emo teen shit or trendy hype pop that’s just fun”

What They Bring to TFPC: Multi-faceted skillset and lots of laughter

Fun Fact: Visited 47 out of 50 states

One-of-a-Kind Printing for One-of-a-Kind Folks

Transfigure is an LGBTQ+ inclusive screen-printing collective that works for and with the Trans and Queer community. Our Michigan-based team creates and prints inclusive apparel and goods that support and raise money for individuals and organizations who are shaping the LGBTQ+ community across the country.