Supporting What Matters

Fundraising for our community

Helping Trans and Queer people, businesses, and initiatives is what Transfigure is all about. To date, our small but mighty business has raised over $90,000 in support of the LGBTQ+ community, since fundraising started in April 2019. We’re constantly looking for new ways to support our community, so if you’d like to partner with us on a fundraising effort, please contact us!

Funds Raised To Date


Donating 10% of Monthly Sales

Every month, TFPC donates 10% of the sales of our most popular designs, “Protect Trans Kids” and “Protect Trans Folks”, to a different organization that centers Trans and Queer lives. If you know of an organization or are an organization that could benefit from some extra funding, please reach out to Bailey at

On top of donating to LGBTQ+ centric organizations, we also donate directly to Trans folks through mutual aid practices via our Trans Fund. Read more about that below.

Transfigure Trans Fund

The Trans Fund is built around the idea of mutual aid. We believe that having unblocked access to a pooled collection of funding is a smart and secure way for people, especially within our community, to get support. The Trans Fund covers things like gender-affirming surgeries, accessories, and supplies. This is a one-time only donation.

How It Works
  1. Each outside donation our business receives goes into the fund.
  2. One randomly chosen item in our shop generates funding for the Trans Fund each month.
  3. One or more applicants are randomly selected at the month’s end.
  4. We send the funding in-full through Go Fund Me.

So far, our fund has generated over $10,000! If you’re interested in applying for our fund or making a suggestion, please contact us here.


We are proud to have donated to 50+ organizations. And that number just continues to grow every month. Here are some of the folks we’ve partnered with

  • Advocates for Youth (Washington D.C.)
  • American Trans Resource Hub (CA)
  • AYA Youth Collective (MI)
  • Black Futures Collective (TX)
  • Black Trans Rent Relief (NY)
  • Black Trans Travel Fund (NY, NJ)
  • Brave Space Alliance Co (IL)13
  • Familia TQLM
  • Feed the People Dallas (TX)
  • For Our Sibs (GA)
  • For the Gworls (NY)
  • Grand Rapids Area Mutual Aid Network (MI)
  • Grand Rapids Trans Foundation (MI)
  • InTRANsitive (AR)
  • Kween Culture Initiative (CA)
  • Midwest Access Coalition
  • Molasses (IL)
  • Native Justice Coalition (MI)
  • Nicolas Gogan Foundation
  • No Justice No Pride (DC)
  • No More Dysphoria (NJ)
  • OUTMemphis (TN)
  • QueerCare (NY)
  • Rent Is Too Damn High (MI)
  • Sex Workers Outreach Project (CA)
  • Shadow Support Network (CO)
  • Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (GA)
  • Stand With Trans (MI)
  • Sylvia Rivera Law Project (NY)
  • The Knights and Orchids Society (AL)
  • The National Center for Transgender Equality (DC)
  • The Next Generation Project (TX)
  • THORN (IL)
  • TKO Society Inc (AL)
  • Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network
  • Trans Defense Fund (CA)
  • Trans Empowerment Project
  • Trans Housing Coalition (GA)
  • Trans Justice Funding Project
  • Trans Latina Coalition (CA)
  • Trans Needles
  • Trans Santa (IN)14
  • Transformation Project Advocacy Network (SD)
  • Transgender Advocates for Justice and Accountability Coalition (CA)

Donate Now

Transfigure Needs Your Help

TFPC is in the process of buying a new automatic press. But we can’t do it alone! We’ve started a GoFundMe to help us offset the cost of this major upgrade. If you’ve got some spare cash, we’ve love it if you helped us out!